In-depth is coming up!! I’m so excited!

Michelle and I have decided on our performance repertoire: Blank Stele and “Light-Chaser”. Both are somewhat simpler pieces from our originally overly ambitious ideas, but we’ll accentuate it with ornamentals and trills. My mentor is going to help us thicken some tones and add more levels of harmony, to best show off our techniques and avoid compromising in our final performance! The blank stele melody line is coming along really well, at least currently. I’m not posting any of my recordings so that the melodies will stay a surprise, but I’m really really looking forwards to showing it off!

For maximum collaboration, Michelle will be playing the harmony lines and I will do the melody line. I’m very confident on my technical expertise, however the ornamentals might prove trickier if the weather gets even hotter. The wood is pretty reactive to heat, so I tune very often to keep it steady. Our stage performance will definitely be under 3 minutes, even allowing for the clunky moving of guzhengs + seats. I doubt we’ll need mics for the strings, but sound testing should be done first as I have no idea how well it’ll travel in the MPR.

I like how my last TALONS pillar will be kind of coming full circle since September, as the song Blank Stele was actually written for the TV show “Empress of China”, a dramatized story about my eminent person. It’s going to be a beautiful tribute, as even though the audience will likely have no idea, I will. And I think that is enough to create something amazing, something to look back upon and cherish.

Other logistical things!

  • I want to purchase some really strong athletic tapes to use, as my guzheng tapes aren’t nearly as tight as I’d like them to be. Really tight tapes are great for the trills, as it keeps even and steady pressure and is a LOT easier to control volume.


  • We’ll be wearing traditional silk qipao, which are mostly sleeveless and won’t obstruct motion. They’re so pretty!


  • We’ll book practice sessions in our mentor’s guzheng room, and coordinate there.

I’m so excited! Ahh!