I’ve finished [almost] everything!

Everything, from the infographics to the presentation is suitably aesthetic and pretty enough for my taste. I’ve incorporated elements of chinese brush painting to my presentation, and to open the final part of my presentation, one must click the fish. It’ll be lovely!


The activity portion is finished. I have segments of the poem readied for the 4 different groups, and translations as well. They will all get a backgrounder sheet, to best prep them on prior knowledge without me having to me cut into my presentation time. Hopefully 3 minutes will be enough for each group to come up with a satisfactory translation.


The activity will be a fascinatingly hands on part of the project, as each group has to work together in order to fulfill the requirements I set for them on the backgrounding sheet. This will give them an appreciation of the work required to handle all the different aspects of the poem. Since I’ve converted my presentation into Google Slides, it will be possible to type up and add the newly translated poem in to directly compare with my version.


However, one last issue is directly answering my question. Anything I say feels incorrect or not in-depth enough, as a few weeks weren’t nearly enough to have a solid response I could defend. So far, my answer begins with a “depending on,”, which feels just incredibly weak and flimsy.  “Depending on the priority of the translation, some meaning or nuance will be lost. However, the final translation will have clever linguistic tricks and new nuance. So, perhaps, it is not a loss, rather than a change.”