Here’s my TED Talk!

Currently, it’s not finished processing, so I’ll properly embed it later.

[It is currently 4:56 pm, I aim to have it embedded by 6 pm.]

My findings can be summarized in one statement: Stimulation of neurogenesis is more effective than modulating neurotransmitter levels in combating depression. 

You can read the [unfortunately not interactive] transcript here.

Since the upload was being finicky and slow, here’s the Google Slides version of my presentation.

I realize that I used a lot of neurology jargon and I have a list of terms with clarifications here if I didn’t explain them well enough.

Here’s my bibliography! I recommend the PubMed site for research into these topics; all the articles were easy-ish to understand and written very very well. The jargon is a bit heavy so have a Wikipedia tab open!

I organized my research into an outline; both are in this Google Doc

Credits to Carter for editing and technological issues. Many, many technological issues.