Go go let’s go let’s go Dateko!!!


It’s been pretty great so far; I’ve made a lot of very rough prototypes, and thoroughly explored the limits of what can and cannot be put into the oven. [Glass, rocks, and most metals are safe.]

Onwards! A lot of my inspiration comes from other polymer clay artists I follow on Instagram.

For example, @claybiecharms makes and sells turtles like these:


Which I honestly loved, and decided to recreate while playing with the different types of clay I had: pearl, glow in the dark, and opal. The “opal” type sold by Premo is essentially just translucent clay with glitter, which is really fun to work with as it cures and turns more translucent, lending a much more delicate sense to tiny things. Glow in the dark clay is just…really awesome, but really soft and hard to work with after it warms. This is a good thing as well; it can be used as a sort of paint, especially when working on an already cured surface.


It’s kind of hard to make clay look like anything other than clay; however, clay offers a more childish charm especially when taking into mind the cold and shiny stereotype of jewellery.


Prototype 1: Flower?? Snake (snek) Thing??

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This was an idea I had ever since making the little flower snake seen last post. The structure/design aesthetic of snakes are also really useful in jewellery making, as their sinuous shapes lend really well to loops and lines. I started out by sketching a really rough design of what I wanted, and possible ways to loop it around one’s personage. An idea I had been thinking of were hand chains, as I wanted to design something that could flop around on the back of the hand. Naturally, the head of the snake would curl up and around the fingers, while the tail end would have to anchor in a mostly stationary part of the wrist. There is a lot of stretch and movement in the hand, which means I have to leave a lot of slack since polymer clay isn’t very durable, especially in a thin log. I did put a piece of wire inside, but if used extensively the clay will crumble anyway.


Prototype 2: My Epic Gauntlet

Yeah so totally not clickbait title. In all honestly it’s not a gauntlet, kind of a sad finger ring. But it’s cool enough for the Meme™.

Here are the first two tests, non-jointed armour things. Pretty cool when worn, but the absolute impracticality galls me.

[this wasn’t planned or blueprinted, I wanted to do it for the Meme]

Here’s the second test, slightly cooler but mostly ridiculous.

How to Have a Beautiful Mind Aspects:


  1. How to be Interesting
    1. I am actively engaged with my mentor in each session, and try to share viewpoints and those awesomely useful nuggets of information. Since we focus mainly on design here, we spoke of “aesthetics” and what makes something attractive. Lines of motion/shape and how the eye follows them is something featured in anything visual: from painting to fuddling around with clay. Even after making my prototypes, I still need to take photos of them. These photos also need to follow guidelines, such as the rule of thirds. Some of the photos I took were mainly to show off my supplies, and play with arrangements and photography backgrounds and angles.


  1. How to Respond
    1. The techniques I’ve been playing with mostly centre on making clay look more sophisticated; silver embossing powder being one of those easier to execute uses. My mentor suggested using “painting” methods to apply the powder, and setting it in the oven. However, since the powder isn’t water-soluble at all, and bubbles if applied with water, I asked about other possible binding agents. Clear nail-polish was something I had been using, but two or more coats gave it an unpleasantly organic-looking lump structure, much like flesh turned silver. She mentioned using alcohol, which evaporates quickly enough to avoid bubbles in the oven yet can hold the powder. Not sure where I can procure that, but definitely something to think about!

Yay! So that’s basically how it’s going, I really hope to have some truly polished pieces soon! And maybe try making tutorials? I’m meeting with my mentor again tomorrow, and hope to plan and try some new things!