it gives a lovely light

Citizen of the World – check in?

cosmopolitan controversy + conniptions

pulvis et umbra sumus

alternate title:
old macdonald did some harm
E – I – E – I – O

flibberty flobberty floo: a journey

Hm. I am still a mess.

Socials Inquiry: a weighing of the scales

What kind of shadows are cast by the Canadian Pacific Railway as it snakes across Canada?

post nationalism – globalist propaganda :)

no habla inglés
je ne parle pas anglais

mentorrarium: of growth and flourish

i am small and easily confused

sourcing a significant personal object

dragon – bamboo shoot – parrot – koi parrot – ship – lotus flower- sunrise

social studies paragraph

musings on past and present equilibrium

music heard from the mountains, falling like the river

i am a suffering man and these are my suffering hands

verifiable verona vitae

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou incapable of a moment’s reflection?

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